You and I will be very good.
We will let her get round the corner,
wait two beats, maybe three—long enough
to know for sure she’s not coming back.
(Then I don’t care what she hears.)
You will lunge, then, I know.
And I will throw my arms around your neck
and grapple your howling desperation
until I’ve reattached the chain.
But I won’t let you go; no,
I will murmur something soothing,
some wordless, tuneless, hopeless—.

I will cling to your quivering

until I feel it’s safe to merely rest there
with my face buried to the tears
in your familiar must. The long,
long night we will sleeplessly entrust
the darkness with our pain
and wait to see: does the wrong
depart with the sunrise,
or cruelly taunt us
from the limit of your run?
But, O my heart, I promise:
I will not desert you.
I will not leave you all alone.

Published by Sixfold, August, 2019, available here from Amazon.