Readers’ Favorite—3 5-Star Reviews

  • Pikasho Deka: “A knack for tapping into the innermost desires and feelings of a person in a relationship.”.
  • Courtnee Turner Hoyle: “Grab your attention and hold it until you too are Dancing with the Moon.”
  • Paul Zietsman: “Nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

Reedsy Discovery—3 Stars

  • Georgia Lyonhyde: “A book to be devoured over time. . . . great value for money.”

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  • JDM: “A love of nature, and a sense of spirituality.”

Readers’ Favorite

Pikasho Deka—5 Stars

Dancing With the Moon is an enthralling collection of poems by Steven Dale Davison. The poems cover the different aspects of love and romantic relationships through some vivid and generous use of similes. Beginning with verses about the joy, excitement, and yearning  one feels when a relationship is in the honeymoon phase, these poems take you on a romantic odyssey filled with ups and downs. Davison also offers readers the opposing perspective when a relationship is in its death throes, where you may find yourself overwhelmed by feelings of sorrow, regret, and despair. And then, the cycle repeats itself with a new relationship. You once again connect with another person who makes you feel the way you used to, culminating in a marriage that comes with its own challenges.

Dancing With the Moon is a poetry collection for anyone who has ever been in love. Steven Dale Davison has a knack for tapping into the innermost desires and feelings of a person in a relationship, and he expresses that beautifully through these mesmerizing stanzas that you can’t help getting lost in. These poems evoke deep emotional resonance in the depths of your soul. As a reader, there is no better feeling than getting immersed in poems in search of meaning, and the poems in this collection succeed in doing that and more. Davison’s poetic flair has an abstract quality to it that encourages interpretation. You will have a lot to ponder about long after you’ve finished reading these poems. All in all, Dancing With the Moon is a wonderful poetry collection for romance and poetry lovers.

Courtnee Turner Hoyle—5 Stars

Steven Dale Davison offers readers a collection of his poems in Dancing with the Moon: Poems of the Heart. The poems have been published previously, but some of them have been re-conceptualized. The section labeled “Overture” gives readers the idea that they are reading an opera or play, as the author describes love and connections with imagery and personification. The emotions associated with love are a constant theme throughout the collection, and the poems are grouped into sections. Although he mentions other companions, Davison dedicated the book to his wife, and it appears that most of the pieces relate to her.

The work tells a love story, and the author paints the turbulent states of happiness and challenges with imagery that readers can feel. All of Steven Dale Davison’s pieces appeal to the senses and reflect a largely tranquil viewpoint. Many readers can relate to a brief attraction or a lost connection, but Davison also explores the constant cycle of the moon or the unpredictability of the sea to reveal a steadfast, resilient partnership. The author is sometimes whimsical as he plays with words within the lines, but he writes of rage and sadness with a perspective born from experience. Readers get an intimate view of the author’s thoughts and his main muse as his descriptions provoke deeper thought. Many verses move freely like a soft song lovers hear as they stare into the night sky. The poems grab your attention and hold it until you too are Dancing with the Moon.

Paul Zietsman—5 Stars

The poems in Dancing with the Moon: Poems of the Heart by Steven Dale Davison follow the cycles of the moon and how they relate to intimate relationships. The poems describe excitement, joy, attraction, and satisfaction, but also sorrow, loss, and dissatisfaction. From the middle of the work through to the conclusion, the poet writes about new bonds and attractions being formed that later culminate in marriage. The cycle repeats, and again there is excitement and joy, but at times also despair and discouragement. Yet, in marriage, Davison finds maturity in an intimate relationship. As the moon’s cycles play out, marriage leads to stability, wisdom, and ultimately deep fulfillment.

A beautiful crescent moon in a night sky full of clouds forms the cover of Dancing with the Moon, and along with its striking title, it invited me along on a poetic journey that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The poetry flows smoothly and is indeed reminiscent of a dance. Steven Dale Davison reminded me of the immense role romantic love plays in our lives, how it hurts but heals, how it can enfold lovers in a love cocoon, and how such a protective envelope can be wondrous but at the same time can hurt. The powerful themes of the moon’s cycles and those of nature evoke strong symbolism as these elements are likened to the elements present in intimate relationships, most notably marriage. Beautifully portrayed scenery, poetry that flows, and compelling topics that piqued my imagination made for an exceptionally good read.