About me

I am a writer and an active Quaker. I’m the grateful husband of Christine M. Lewandoski. I’m the father of two grown sons and the grandfather of one granddaughter and six grandsons. I live in Pennington, New Jersey. I am retired.


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I write pretty much everything.

Poetry. I’ve published four books of poetry and poems in more than two dozen journals. Learn more.

Plays. I have written several plays, all but two in verse; one (in prose) was produced on a stage at Columbia University and several were written on commission and produced as video plays by my friend Michael Frenchman, all in verse and based on Greek myths about hubris.

Nonfiction. I have published a number of articles in Quaker journals and several book chapters in Quaker books on ecological concerns. I have two chapters in the Friends Association for Higher Education’s book Quakers, Politics, and Economics. A book on what Quakers believe will come out this year from Inner Light Books. Another, on Quakers and Capitalism, is in development.

Freelance and business writing. I started out as a part-time play reviewer and feature writer, mostly on the arts, for local newspapers, and did some freelance writing. Then I became a full-time writer for Merrill Lynch and later, a hedge fund, then a high-end speakers bureau, mostly writing and designing marketing materials and web content. My last job was communications director of a Quaker denominational organization.

Fiction. I’ve written (but not published) one fantasy novel and have started another. I’ve also written several unpublished short stories.

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I am a member of Central Philadelphia Meeting (congregation), currently sojourning at Princeton Meeting (New Jersey), and I am a Quaker essayist, theologian, and blogger.

The Quaker Way

I believe that the Quaker way—the unique, traditional form of Quaker worship, our distinctive approach to community and to the life of the Spirit, and the absence of professional leadership or governing hierarchies—can speak to a lot of folks who seek a deep spiritual life but have had it with "religion." Quakerism offers social activists grounding in the Spirit, mystics effective tools for direct communion with the Divine (however you define this), and deep fellowship in a caring, sharing community—when all goes well, of course; we're human, just like everybody else.

Quaker Writings

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