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Dancing with the Moon: Poems of the Heart, is a collection of seventy-six poems about intimate relationship. The book was released by Kelsay Books in July 2023.

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About the book. These poems express the passions that animate the phases of intimate relationship in two narrative cycles. The first cycle moves from new moon to full, then wanes to new moon’s darkness, with sections for attraction, connection, and deep satisfaction, but devolving then into tribulation, separation, and ultimately, despair and regret. But then the cycle starts over again, with new attraction and new connection, which culminate in the joy of marriage. Yes, marriage, too, is troubled; yet it finally settles into mature, reality-based fulfillment.

Read some poems. A number of these poems have been published in various journals. You can read some of them here.

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Readers Favorite&emdash;Three 5-Star Reviews

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  • “A knack for tapping into the innermost desires and feelings of a person in a relationship . . . “—Pikasho Deka.
  • “The poems grab your attention and hold it until you too are Dancing with the Moon.”—Courtnee Turner Hoyle.
  • “An exceptionally good read.”—Paul Zietsman.

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