I’ve been in love with the Bible, then hostile to it, and now in love with it again from a more critical perspective. I acknowledge its power as a vehicle for spiritual opening and comfort, and for oppression and control. I approach it as an admiring literary student, as a teacher, and as a prophetic counterforce to its misuse, especially in the political sphere.

I have a doctorate-level immersion in biblical studies, but have followed my own path in these studies completely independent of any institution, in the Quaker tradition of independent ministry.


BibleMonster: Contemporary issues under the light of a radical bible.

  • Posting in BibleMonster has been suspended for some time while I concentrated on Through the Flaming Sword, my Quaker blog. However, I do plan to return to it soon (written March 2020).


I have written two nearly-finished books of biblical theology. As I develop this website further, I will be publishing chapters and other material from these books. They are:

  • How Long Will the Land Mourn: The Principles and Practice of Christian Earth Stewardship.
  • The Radical Gospel of Jesus: Planks in the Platform of the Common-wealth of God.


I have written a number of essays of biblical commentary and interpretation, which I plan to publish here as I develop the website further.