Cover for Dancing Mockingbird, by Steven Dale Davison.

Table of Elements

The Rail of Silence—Mountains
A Vast Nest—Animals
Extra Terra—Visitations
Elementals—Trees and More
Speak the Lake—Bodies of Water

Epilogos—Muse-ic Coda
Interlogos sections—Love Poems

Dancing Mockingbird, a book of sixty poems, was released by Kelsay Books in February 2022.

These lyrical poems offer visions of intimate, and even sometimes transcendental, encounters with the natural world, in the “spoken cadences of an authentic voice,” as the writer John Elder has put it. Embedded between these sections are love poems that reflect the same sensory richness. These poems stand alongside the work of Mary Oliver, Gary Snyder, or the short fiction of Barry Lopez as loving meditations on the human romance between people and place.

Eight of the poems have been published in various journals. You can read some of them here.


“Sincere and intense . . . a very beautiful language.”—5-Star review by Emily-Jane Hill Orford, for Readers Favorite. Click here to read the review below. Click the link for the Readers Favorite site.

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Emily-Jane Hills Orford, 5 Stars—Readers Favorite

Nature is very spiritual – musically so. The birds, the trees, the rivers and the sand, they all sing and dance to a special tune of life. Steven Dale Davison reflects on the spiritualism of all that nature has to offer in his collection of poems, Dancing Mockingbird. His words have a deeper meaning ensconced in a rubric that measures his sense of place in a world far more beautiful than anyone can imagine. The poet’s world is words, spiritual words that define the essence of place, “a myriad manifestation/ of earth and air,/ water and sun,/ all dancing in the One.” Where there’s dancing, there’s music and the natural world is full of music, just as the poet is full of words, spiritual words, expressive words, words that define and place the poet and the reader in one sublimely unique place.

Steven Dale Davison’s poetry collection, Dancing Mockingbird, explores one poet’s perspective of the world around him. His words are sincere and intense, as he lures the reader into a symphony of sounds, sights, visions and so much more. The poet shares his musings in a voice that is both lyrical and sensitive. His poems are mostly free verse, but his use of metaphors is classic: “Thick fog denses a pirouette in freeze-time./ Sound and distance founder, lost in mist and soft, dark air.” He’s writing sound poems, poetry that has its own sound-induced lyricism, both intimate and reflective. The poet has a powerful command of language, a very beautiful language. This collection is something to be savored many times over, and each time a new thought will reconnect the reader to the poet and the words on the page. Very intense and thought-provoking.