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I am a writer and an active Quaker. I’m the grateful husband of Christine M. Lewandoski. I’m the father of two grown sons and the grandfather of six grandsons and one granddaughter. I live in Pennington, New Jersey. I am retired.

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Poet. I've published four books of poetry and poems in more than two dozen journals.

Writer. I've written in other genres, as well:

  • Plays—eight plays (six in verse), seven of which have been produced.
  • Books—two nonfiction books deep in development.
  • Essays—several, as yet unpublished.
  • Vocation—for twenty years I was a professional writer, first as a part-time newspaper stringer, mostly in the arts, and then as a business communications and web content professional.

Quaker. I'm a Quaker essayist, blogger, and theologian.