I have been writing poetry since the late 1970s but have only tried to publish my work in the last few years, with some modest success. My poems have been published in more than two dozen journals and I have published three full-length collections and one chapbook. Follow the title links below to learn more about these books, and scroll down to learn my approach to writing poetry.

Dancing with the MoonBooks

Amazon Author Page—This is the central portal for my books on Amazon, with additional information about me as an author.

Dancing with the Moon—a full-length collection of love poems. (Kelsay Books, 2023)

The Road to Continental Heart

The Road to Continental Heart: Befriending, and Defending, the Spirit of North America—a hybrid, hardcover, “coffee table-style” book of photos, essays, letters, and poems written for a friend who walked across the country with a group of environmental activists. (Boyle & Dalton, 2022)

Dancing Mockingbird—a full-length collection of “nature” poems. (Kelsay Books, 2022)

Dancing Mockingbird Cover

O My Heart—a chapbook of love poems. (Moonstone Press, 2022)

More Poems

Samples of published poems not appearing in these books.

Poetics—A Manifesto

Aa personal essay about poetry and the writing of poetry is under development.