I owe a deep debt of gratitude

to many people whose support has made The Road to Continental Heart possible.

George Lawrence and Gabriela Colon

First, I must thank George Lawrence and Gabriela Colon for graciously sharing their photographs of the Global Walk. Your pictures turned a book of poetry into something much more vivid and beautiful.

George Lawrence

And again to you George, my special thanks for sharing your letters and journal entries, which turned a hybrid book of poems and images into something much more intimate and touching. And most of all, George, for your commitment to a Livable World by joining the Walk. But for your heart and feet, these poems wouldn’t even exist.

Michael Frenchman

Second, I must thank my dear old Friend Michael Frenchman for reviving my poet mind with your request for some plays in verse for your Synthetic Science Theatre production of Pandora’s Bot. Your request and those plays changed my life, as the writing of these poems did in the first place.

My backers

Third, I must thank an extraordinary group of friends and relations who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign for this book, especially to Michael Frenchman and Karen Crowe, whose incredible generosity made this book possible, and to Mark Lewandoski and Roselie Bright for their exceeding generosity.

A big thank you also to the following for their generous support:

  • George Lawrence
  • Jim Davison and Sophia Altieri
  • Adam Davison and Deirdre Faughey Davison
  • Cedar Green
  • Lilian Aarek
  • Jeffrey and Gail Aaron
  • Don Badgley
  • Janet Jones Bann
  • Pamela Haines
  • Judith and Kevin McNally
  • JoAnn and Jim Oser
  • Terry Roberts
  • Spencer
  • Doublas Wilcox

And also to:

  • Gregory Barnes
  • Robin Gowin and Laura Cisar
  • Justine Gudenas
  • Lee and Tony Junker
  • Marcelle Martin
  • John David Muth
  • Susan Sanford
  • Aurelle Sprout